pd4Paula DiPerna

Special Advisor-North America
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Paula DiPerna is a strategic international environmental and philanthropic policy advisor. Currently, she serves as Special Advisor-North America for the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a global organization that gathers environmental disclosure from public companies on behalf of asset managers and financial advisors. She also serves on the Board of Advisors of the NTR Foundation, a global environmental foundation based in Dublin, Ireland; Global Kids, whose mission is to develop global citizenship; and Rachel’s Network, which links women philanthropists who have environmental interests.


How to Value it as Environmental Risks Mount

Paula DiPerna takes a look at how climate change is making ‘1 in 100 year’ events an ever greater problem.


Of Mice and Management: Unexpected Costs That Eat into Value and Time

Paula DiPerna’s run in with a mischievous mouse shows how going back to the basics can often be the best way to address management problems.


Lighting the Way to Carbon Pricing

New business models help companies understand and manage their role in reducing climate change.


Cuba’s Survivalist Transfers of Value

After 50 years of treating Cuba like a poison pen letter, the United States is now en route to re-establishing diplomatic relations with the voluptuously beautiful island, only 90 miles from its Florida shores.


Monetising Us? The Value We Transfer for Free

Paula DiPerna continues her look at how our lives are being shaped by market forces often – but not always – beyond our control.


The Banana Index and New Asset Classes

When Paula DiPerna is in New York, she keep tabs on the price of single bananas. This tells her much about the state of markets. In this first of a series of columns for BENCHMARK, Paula explains the Banana Index principle and implications for new asset classes.


Pricing The Priceless

At our Sustainable Family Office Forum in Hong Kong earlier this month, Paula DiPerna, Special Adviser to environment group CDP, gave a passionate keynote address on trends in investing, philanthropy and protecting family legacies. This is what she had to say.