Kenglin Tan

Managing Director & Senior Portfolio Manager for Equities
Manulife Asset Management

Kenglin Tan is Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager with the equities team. Based in Hong Kong, she is primarily responsible for analyzing and selecting stocks for the ASEAN and Australian portfolios. She also covers Asia Pacific ex-Japan equities and in the process works closely with other portfolio managers covering markets in the North Asia region. Having worked in the industry since 2000, Kenglin has buy- and sell-side equity analyst experience. She has covered stocks listed on exchanges in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the ASEAN region and Australia. Kenglin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Finance and is a CFA charter holder.


Focused on Japan with an Eye to Growth

Edward Ritchie, Managing Director for the fund at Manulife Asset Management (Europe) Limited, shares with us where he thinks the problems for Japan lies, potential pitfalls, and how Japan can return to sustainable growth again.


Finding the Diamonds in the Health Services Sector

Healthcare Award winning manager Mindy Perry, breaks it down for BENCHMARK readers on how he’s stayed on top at critical times and how we should be prepared for a challenging year ahead.


Defying China’s Slowdown

Kai Kong Chay, the lead portfolio manager of MGF-Dragon Growth Fund, goes about stock picking by scouring the investment horizon for businesses that offer growth at a reasonable price.


Hong Kong’s MPF industry sees continued consolidation

HK$16.4 billion was received as the contribution to the MPF in Q2 2015, a drop of 2% from the previous quarter and the first drop since Q2 2014.


Mainland and HK Investors Must Be More Risk-Averse, Surveys Show

New surveys from Manulife Asset Management show that Chinese and HK investors need to align their financial goals with their investment strategies more smartly.


Finding Value and Opportunity

Manulife Asset Management’s long term record of finding growth companies in Hong Kong and China has been rewarded with the Best-In-Class accolade for the Hong Kong Equity category. The company also continues its strong showing in the USD High Yield Bond category, receiving Best-In-Class for the second year in a row.


Asian Hot Spots Drive Fund Growth

Kenglin Tan, Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager for the Equities Team at Manulife Asset Management, explains some of the key factors in the success of the company’s MPF Pacific Asia Equity Fund, winner of the Best-In-Class award in the Pacific Basin Ex Japan category.


Healthcare a Compelling Investment Opportunity

Mindy Perry, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager for Manulife Asset Management, explains some of the key factors in the success of the company’s MPF Healthcare Fund, a Best-In-Class winner in the BENCHMARK Fund Awards.


Finding Diamonds In The Rough

Manulife Asset Management gives BENCHMARK its outlook on US high-yield bonds and Asian small caps.


A Good Prognosis For Healthcare Investments

Manulife Asset Management gives BENCHMARK its diagnoses for the healthcare sector.


Big Year for Asian Small Cap Fund

Linda Csellak, Head of Asia-Pacific Equities at Manulife Asset Management (Asia), sat down with BENCHMARK to provide insight into the group’s Asian Small Cap Equity Fund, the wider market and the future.


Manulife fund to target EM infrastructure

Views2822Likes0Ratings12345Manulife Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (MAMHK) has announced the launch of a new Emerging Markets Infrastructure Fund on its mutual-fund platform Manulife Global Fund. The relevant investment choice will also be available on Manulife’s investment-linked assurance schemes by end of March 2012. It adopts a fundamentals-based investment approach to tap into the growing infrastructure […]


No Pain, No Gain

In an exclusive interview, John Lui talks with co-portfolio manager Christopher Arbuthnot of Manulife Asset Management (Asia) who explains how the Global Contrarian Fund is a highly opportunistic fund with very few constraints.


A Quiet Gem in the Asian Fixed Income Market

In the view of Manulife, the Asian fixed income market has been historically downplayed, not well understood, and under-researched – with little participation.


Banking on the smaller players

Are Asian small caps ripe for investment? BENCHMARK talks to Linda Csellak, portfolio manager at Manulife Asset Management to discover how they offer good opportunities and what her approach is to pick out the winners.



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