Lionel Bernard

Amundi Asset Management

Lionel Bernard attended the University of Toulouse where he gained a master’s degree in international trade in 1991. He joined Paribas Brazil in 1996 as a credit analyst in the corporate banking department. In 1997 he moved to BNP Brazil where he became the head of credit analysis in 1999. He joined Crédit Lyonnais Asset Management in 2000 and worked as a corporate analyst responsible for global emerging markets and distressed debt. Lionel became an emerging markets equity fund manager of Latin America equities at Amundi in 2005. He is in charge of Latin America stock picking for both Latin America portfolios and global emerging markets portfolios.


Finding Bright Spots in Brazil

Amundi’s Lionel Bernard walks BENCHMARK through the stock selection discipline of its award-winning Equity Brazil Fund and where the upside in the Brazilian economy is likely to come from in 2013.


Demanding Exports

Amundi’s Equity Brazil fund is expected to ride the crest of Brazil’s wave of growth as domestic and external factors contribute to an optimistic outlook for 2012. BENCHMARK speaks with the fund managers on how they look to capitalize on these specific opportunities.



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