Louisa Lo

CFA – Deputy Head of Asia ex Japan Equities
Schroder Investment Management

Louisa joined Schroders in 1996 and investment career commenced in 1993 and is currently the Deputy Head of Asia ex-Japan Equities team and responsible for the overall aspects of the Greater China Equities business, securities firms, focusing on Asian Electronics stocks.


Getting the Facts Right

Schroders’ Fund Managers, Louisa Lo and Adam Osborn, talk to BENCHMARK about how detailed investment research pays dividends.


Louisa lo on taiwan outlook

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Value from the bottom up

The rigor of Schroders bottom up selection process keeps its funds ahead of the game – BENCHMARK talks to the managers of two award winning funds, Taiwan equity and Asia Pacific Property Securities.


Top 10 Performing Funds of Schroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited (1 Year)

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