Robeco Asset Management

  • Highlighting Market Inefficiencies

    Robeco is one of the few European asset managers to boast a high yield fund with a successful 15-year track record.


    Balancing Risk

    Robeco tells BENCHMARK its strategy for successfully investing in sub-investment grade bonds.


    Best of Both Sectors

    Pure-play asset manager Robeco showed a strong performance in both equities and bond funds, winning Best-in-Class in US large cap value equities and in high yield bonds. BENCHMARK talks to the managers of the two winning funds: Duilio R. Ramallo, manager of Robeco US Premium Equities, and Sander Bus who runs Robeco High Yield Bonds.


    Expert Strategies 2011

    With such an uncertain year ahead, we asked five leading financial managers and investors their views for 2011. Drawing on expertise from debt, equities, portfolio management and wealth management, this is your expert guide to the coming year.


    Advocating Rights to Responsible Investing

    Robeco’s Engagement entails entering into an active dialogue with companies on important environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, and at the same time making active use of the right to vote.

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