Elsa Pau
Publisher and CEO
WealthAsia Media

Elsa is the Publisher and CEO of WealthAsia Media. She is also a popular conference moderator, business consultant, trainer and coach in the finance industry, whose interest is to innovate and drive interesting propositions that benefit real change for the community. Elsa is a finance industry veteran, Editor-in-Chief of BENCHMARK Magazine and investment governor for a few family offices in Asia. Prior to setting up WealthAsia, she was Managing Director at Tai Fook Wealth Management and group head at Allen Perkins Financial.

Elsa is the creator and curator for the Sustainable Family Office Forum, the Women Extraordinaire Forum, and a series of best practice Wealth and Investment Management Awards operated under the BENCHMARK brand.

She was once named by AsiaWeek as one of Asia’s Most Influential Women.

The Matter of Equality

By Elsa Pau Publisher and Editor-in-Chief The late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew once said in his speech in parliament, and in his own words: 'Equality is an aspiration, it is not reality, it is not practical'. Mr. Lee also said that if Singapore insists on equality, it must lead to ...
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Too Little Too Late

By Elsa Pau Publisher and Editor-in-Chief The drums have been banging against the use of plastic bags. Agreed, it’s the wisest of things to do, given the poor infrastructure we have for recycling and waste management, and we should at least make an attempt to cease waste creation. Prevention is ...
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Underserved and Oversold

By Elsa Pau Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Walking along Des Voeux Road in Central could give one an idea how much wealth is concentrated here, whether it is the spending or saving or investing, you’ve got a whole world of suppliers in your hand if you had the money. Wealth is growing ...
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What You See Is What You Get

By Elsa Pau Publisher and Editor-in-Chief I have always wondered that if culture and social was part of asset allocation’s decision making how would one’s portfolio be allocated, and how market performance should be attributed to these factors. How one market rebounds from adversity and how one stays at the ...
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Wish or Will?

By Elsa Pau Publisher and Editor-in-Chief When 30% of people, in a survey of their investments, believe the way to create wealth is to win ‘Mark Six’, it presents a challenge that the financial service providers need to address head-on. In a recent release by AIA, their survey with 500 ...
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