Jupiter names Stephen Pearson new CIO to ensure outperformance


Stephen Pearson, Juptier’s new CIO

By Emily Lai

Stephen Pearson takes over the role from John Chatfeild-Roberts as the new Chief Investment Officer of Jupiter. With 29 years’ experience in asset management industry, Pearson’s new role will mainly involve ensuring sufficient resources for fund managers and development of products.

Pearson describes Jupiter as “an attractive place for fund managers to work.” “With its distinctive culture of individuality, investment autonomy and personal accountability, our fund management resources have significantly grown in recent years both internally and by recruiting external talents.”

Pearson joined the company as European equities fund manager in 2001 and was appointed as Deputy CIO in 2012. He then took on the day to day running of the investment floor after being named Head of Investments a year later.

After stepping down from the CIO role, Chatfeild-Roberts would remain Director of Jupiter Fund Management PLC and would focus on investing the Jupiter Merlin portfolios, Jupiter’s largest investment strategies with assets of over £8 billion.

“The assets managed by the Jupiter Merlin team have doubled since I became CIO in 2010,” he says. “I have encouraged Pearson to take the lead in managing the investment team, so it is a natural evolution for him to take on the role. As a result, I can devote my time to the job I enjoy the most: investing the Jupiter Merlin portfolios.”

Sharing with BENCHMARK, Jupiter says it will continue to broaden product capabilities into areas like Global Emerging Markets and Asian Income and Global Equities. BM