New green portfolio investment guide helping investors to care for the earth more

shutterstock_62834728-1By Edward Leung

Mirova, a subsidiary of Matixis Asset Management,which is one of the top European asset management houses, has published “Investing in a low-carbon economy”, a guide for investors to become COP21 (Conference of Paris 21) compliant, channeling savings and assets towards supporting sustainable development.

Mirova’s study provides an in-depth analysis highlighting the challenges of climate change and presents methods for investors to effectively measure their carbon footprint, outlining principles for all investors to maintain true responsible investments and foster more sustainable carbon footprints.

In response to growing demands on investors to make greener investments, Mirova, in partnership with the leading carbon strategy specialist consultant Carbone 4, has developed a new methodology to measure the carbon footprint of an investment portfolio. This decision-making tool assesses a company’s contribution to the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions (GGE).

Philippe Zaouati, Head of Mirova explained: “The energy transition can only succeed if we manage to mobilise private investors’ savings. The success of COP21 therefore also depends on the ability of asset management firms to propose solutions in response to climate change whilst delivering the returns expected by investors”.

To redirect capital towards investments promoting energy transition, Mirova is proposing solutions involving all asset classes.

Mirova has provided European institutions with access to investments in projects and companies based on renewable energy assets in France and Europe.

In addition, Mirova had also launched a green bond product. By financing tangible assets and ensuring transparency regarding the deployment of the capital raised, green bonds enable issuers to diversify their investor bases while also enabling investors to actively participate in financing energy transition.

Furthermore, Mirova proposes fundamental conviction-based asset management covering European and global equities, focusing on companies providing sustainable development solutions.

Hervé Guez, Head of Mirova Responsible Investment Research added: “Measuring the overall impact of a business on the environment is an essential step towards acting against global warming. Assessing the carbon footprint is therefore an indispensable stage in the construction of portfolios contributing to energy transition”. BM