New passive MPF Schemes introduced

news_iconBCT has introduced a new category of ‘Market Tracking Series’ (MTS) funds, composed of the existing BCT (Pro) Hang Seng Index Tracking Fund along with two new constituent funds: BCT (Pro) Greater Equity Fund and BCT (Pro) World Equity Fund.

The MTS offers investors the lowest management fees in their relevant peer groups, both up to 0.99% of NAV. Starting from June 28 till December 31, BCT will roll out a special offer on the new schemes reducing management fees down to 0.79% of NAV.

BCT’s new funds will invest solely in approved Index Tracking Collective Investment Schemes (ITCIS) only, including a portfolio of securities and track the performance of specific market indices.

The Greater China Equity Fund will focus in equity markets of Greater China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China (H shares, B shares & Red Chips only). The World Equity Fund focuses on investing in America, Europe, Australia and Asia but not Africa.

Ka Shi Lau, CEO of BCT, was proud to announce State Street Global Advisors Asia will be investment managers for the new fund categories offered.

To assist members in their retirement planning, BCT has been establishing a number of new programs for members including: ‘1.10.100 Quiz’, member seminars and surprise offers for members. In an effort to promote attention of the Hong Kong public to their MPF plans, BCT is launching a series of public events beginning in August. The general public is encouraged to attend an assortment of road shows, games and open-air carnivals.