The Cream of the Crop

By Elsa Pau
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Published in BENCHMARK May/June 2014, Vol.12 No.3

This year, the awards competition soared to new heights with the implementation of a more rigorous judging process. And the candidates for each award category met the challenge! Despite a stricter eye scrutinizing each fund and its methodology, we were able to identify the best funds in a sphere of fierce competition. Rest assured, when we say these are the best – they really are!

2013’s winners embody the epitome of how funds should strive to perform. They have demonstrated stellar performance, outperformed their peers and maintained the highest risk controls. They have implemented the processes. values and expertise necessary to shine through turbulent times and ride during good ones. Their capabilities are deserving of public admiration because they have, time and time again, done what is right for their clients.

BENCHMARK’s Fund of the Year awardees stand-out and are a trustworthy starting point from which an investor can not only begin to accumulate knowledge about funds, but also create benchmarks for quality and management when choosing where to put his or her money. As knowledgeable investors use this information to challenge financial firms, they are protecting their interests, while also empowering themselves to make the right financial decisions.

I hope you enjoy learning what makes 2013’s best performing funds worthy of such prestigious recognition from BENCHMARK. There is a wealth of knowledge in this special issue. We have featured the methodology behind the success of a few award-winning managers. Some funds’ managers have been gracious enough to provide their market and sector outlook opinions for 2014. Make comparisons, take note of interesting trends, learn the principles that leads to successful stock picking and investing and contemplate your own areas of strength and growth. Use this information to your advantage and make the jurors’ jobs next year harder than ever!

Elsa Pau

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief